Watch Free Movies on Android Just Install This Application

Watch Free Movies on Android Just Install This Application

Technology News,, – The function of an Android smartphone is not just to make or receive calls and receive or send short messages. But it can also be used to eliminate boredom by playing games. In fact, you can also watch free movies on Android like in a cinema.

So, you don’t need to spend on travel expenses and buy cinema tickets, and don’t waste time. Not to mention, many free movies or not. Simply buy an internet package or you can use WiFi anywhere.

Now here is the application to watch free movies on android that you can use to fill your free time. And, movies in this application can also be downloaded easily and certainly free.

For those of you who like free Hollywood films, you can access or download Klik21 on the Google Play Store. There are old and latest films, from drama, comedy to acting.

This application is fairly lightweight and just right to be installed on all Android devices. The file size is only 4.7MB. In terms of quality there is no doubt, just like streaming on a PC or laptop computer, the quality of the film can reach 1080px Blu-Ray, while downloading 720p. So it’s sure the picture is very good.

To watch a movie in the Klik21 application, just click on one of the movies to watch, or you can also search in the “Search” column in the upper right.

While the way to download or download is also not difficult, after selecting a movie, just press the “Play” button, then three options will come out including trailer, play and download. Just choose the download option. After pressing the download button, it will be moved to the browser or Android default browser. After that, you just select the download link, it can be 360p, 480p or 720p. In addition there are also subtitles or translations in what language you want.

The IndoXXI application is still a ‘family’ with Klik21 created by or the developer of Jangkrik. So it’s not much different from Klik21. Besides being free, this application also has subtitles available and can be said that the movie server is very fast, so there is no loading or long waits.

The IndoXXI Lite free movie application is actually the same as numbers 1 and two. The difference is, to download this application you are looking for it on a third party, because it is not found on the Google Play Store.

The appendage of the word “Lite” is intended to be accessible even though the specifications of your Android smartphone are low class. So that in order to avoid lags, loading or broken images, the appearance is made so simple that it is light.You can get this here for free indoxxi.

Although the quality of the film is not as good as the one above or lowered, because it aims to be lightweight and not loading, but the positivity of this application can make your internet quota not wasteful.


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