Starting from Citizens’ Reports, Blitar Police Station Successfully Arrests Online Gambling Players in Their Homes

Starting from Citizens’ Reports, Blitar Police Station Successfully Arrests Online Gambling Players in Their Homes

BLITAR – Conventional lottery gambling that uses a network of retailers in villages is quiet, does not mean that lottery gambling does not currently exist.

Indeed, what happened in the community, gamblers made use of online lottery gambling networks .In Blitar Regency , online lottery is the choice of shooters.The indication is that several online lottery retailers have been arrested.

One of them is Suryani (39), a resident of Bacem Village, Sutojayan District, Blitar Regency .He was arrested at his home on Sunday (3/17/2019) evening, when he was recapitulating a number.When arrested he did not move because the officers immediately secured evidence, such as Rp.49,000 and cellphones.

On the cellphone, the perpetrator found many SMS from the jumpers who would put up the number.After tracing, there are around 40 subscribers that are subscribed to every open lottery number online .The subscribers who became the subscribers were found on his cellphone. They texted him (Syriac), to install the tombokan number,” said Iptu M Burhan, Head of Blitar Police Public Relations , Monday (03/18/2019).

According to him, the arrest originated from information from people who were suspicious because many people went in and out of my house.They are the customers who will install the online lottery gambling number .The officer then secretly conducted an investigation. When the perpetrator was doing a recap, the officer immediately arrested him without resistance from the perpetrator.

JAKARTA – West Cikarang Police Criminal Investigation Unit, successfully arrested RAS (33) lottery bookies, which often gambled on Wednesday (03/13/2019).Actors used to play gambling at Pondok Tanah Mas Housing , Wanasari, Cibitung, Bekasi.

West Cikarang Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Elman, revealed that the disclosure originated from information from surrounding communities who were anxious because their living environment was often used as gambling lottery .

“There are citizen reports, we immediately investigate. And arrest the perpetrators at the location at night,” Elman said, when confirmed, Thursday (03/14/2019).

Elman, the perpetrator, is guardian of Margahayu, Bekasi. When arrested the perpetrator was writing the lottery number ordered by gamblers.

“At that time the perpetrators again wrote orders for lottery numbers from the gamblers. But when they were arrested at the location of the gamblers there were none. There were only perpetrators and evidence of cash worth IDR 430,000,” he explainedThe perpetrator had fled when he was about to be arrested. However, he was arrested after a chase.

“We are still investigating the big lottery city, we also have no idea how many people often gamble the lottery in that location,” he said.He said, Elman continued, would continue to conduct more investigations in other lottery gamblers .you can visit this site togel.

“We continue to investigate other actors. For their actions, the perpetrators were snared article 303 about gambling with the threat of a five-year prison sentence,” he concluded. Editor: Choirul Arifin

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