RCMP able to recover stolen trucks thanks to GPS

RCMP able to recover stolen trucks thanks to GPS

The countrywide Police recovered two Pertamina fuel vehicles sporting 35 kiloliters of biodiesel gas that 10 unidentified guys had hijacked at five a.M. On Monday, the nation-owned power business enterprise stated.

“We receive reports of the hijacking and theft of fuel tank carrying biodiesel. We reported this to the polices,” PT Pertamines Patra Niaga spokesperson Ayulia stated on Monday in a press statement.Ayulia said that the two gas tanks, bearing license plate number B 9214 TFU and B 9575 UU, we here respectively driven by way of Pertamina truck driver Muslih bin Engkon or Cepi Khaerul.

“we’ve found Pak Cepi and he is presently on his way to record the incident to the Jakarta Police,” she stated.Ayulia stated that the truck hijacking and gas robbery passed off while the vehicles were transport the biodiesel to a gass station (SPBU) in Tangerang, Banten.

Just beforre the vehicles entered the Ancol toll gates, 10 guys climb out of an open choose-up trucks and yelled on the truck driverrs throughout the hijacking.“The drivers had been threatened and compelled to go out the vans. The hijackers took over the gasoline vans and informed the drivers that they had been heading to the Presidential Palace,” stated Ayulia.

She said that the truck drivers’ reports of the hijacking were showed by way of the agency’s GPS tracker, which showed the 2 vans heading closer to the countrywide Monument (Monas).After the police recovered the 2 trucks, they resumed their journey to the meant vacation spot in Tangerang, Banten, she said.

This update from Lake Minnetonka: the ice on Carson’s Bay is secure for some thing you’ve got in thoughts.It must be; how else to give an explanation for this tractor-trailer truck no longer falling via on Saturday?The Minnesota information internet site deliver Me The information says the motive force become following his GPS while seeking to make a delivery to a nearby home and it led him onto the ice.

BMTN says two snowmobiles went thru the ice in Seton Channel on Saturday night time, even though.
GPS tracking attached to 2 stolen welding vans helped RCMP recover the automobiles and arrest people on Mar. Five.

One truck, which was taken from a neighborhood Bonnyville commercial enterprise, turned into tracked to a rural property near Elk factor in which RCMP found several different stolen automobiles and different property, in step with a Mar. Eleven RCMP media launch.

Guys have been arrested on the scene, but best one was charged—41-year-antique Elk factor resident Leslie Alan Hillebrand.The second one stolen welding truck was additionally recovered later that day with the aid of Edmonton Police services.if you need more info just visit this site Truck GPS Reviews.

Hillebrand turned into charged with six counts of ownership of property acquired through crime over $5,000 and ownership of property obtained through crime beneath $5,000.He was released by a magistrate on a $2,000 no-coins recognizance with situations.

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