Naagin Season 3 Mahir Kills Sumitra, Shivangi Fights With Shesha

Naagin Season 3 Mahir Kills Sumitra, Shivangi Fights With Shesha

Rithvik requests that her murder her. Yamini says Naagmani is in my grasp, it’s not possible for anyone to spare you and attempts to execute her keeping naagmani close to her neck. Sumitra offers blade to Yamini. Yamini is going to wound her, when an overwhelming breeze comes and stops Yamini. Yamini says what’s going on. Everybody is losing balance.

Yamini says Shivangi’s passing can’t stop and says she will execute her with Naagmani. Shivangi says Om Namashivay… and presents it over and again. Yamini’s hand is halted and couldn’t twist. She asks what did you do? Shivangi says God has done this and keeps saying Om Namashivay.

Mahir liberates himself. Bela liberates herself and attempts to go to Shivangi. Sumitra holds her and says I will murder you now. Sumitra is going to wound Bela, when Mahir cuts Sumitra. Sumitra yells and asks Rohini and Alek to get them.

Rohini discloses to Alek that they will keep running before getting executed. Tamsee runs out. Mahir battles with Rithvik and Rocky. Bela chomps Sumitra. The Snake Charmer/Maha Sapera is ceased by Vish and Bela. Vish requests that he perceive how they move.

Shivangi liberates herself. Bela and Vish chomp the Snake Charmer. Yamini attempts to slaughter Shivangi once more. The naagmani flies in air and falls on Shivangi’s hand. Rithvik and Rocky battle with Mahir. Shivangi says no one can disregard Shivji’s can check here infomation about

She says I didn’t realize that you are alive and says you got spared twice. She says might be you are bound to kick the bucket with my hand, and requests that her ask that she gets some spot in hellfire and says there is the wrong spot for you in damnation moreover.

Yamini gets frightened and requests that her leave her. Shivangi strolls towards her and tells that I didn’t disclose to you a certain something, and tells about Naagmani’s solid power. She nibbles Yamini and makes her residue with the naagmani. Mahir gives the mystical paper to Bela and heads outside. Rithvik apologizes to Shivangi and apologizes to her.

Rough likewise apologizes to her and says we completed an oversight, and won’t do this once more. Rithvik says excuse us, we won’t do this once more. Shivangi gets enthusiastic once more. Bela says you are doing likewise botch once can check here infomation about Naagin Season 3.

Shivangi says I can’t see their tears and can’t execute them. Vish says their tears are phony. Shivangi says I can be reviled naagin, however can’t execute them. She says I approached previously, because of my feelings and requests that they take Naagmani and slaughter her. Rough takes Naagmani from her hand and says we tricked her thrice. He asks her not to say Om Namashivay and says it won’t go anyplace now. Rithvik requests that Rocky execute her.

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